CORE Real Estate Advisors has a deep appreciation for the Heroes in our community.

We understand the hardships and sacrifices that are made on a daily basis by Teachers, Military Personnel, Medical Professions, Fire Fighters, and Police Officers. As importantly, we know the burden that these careers can place on family members that watch their loved ones go out to work so hard for our community.

As a “Thank You” to everyone who serves or has has served their community and county in these careers, CORE Real Estate Advisors has pledged to give back 25% of their commission to our clients that serve in these capacities, whether you are active, retired, or volunteer.

As a Buyer,

this means that although in the vast majority of transactions you wont have to pay CORE Real Estate Advisors a dime; we will still give you a quarter of our commission, just to say “Thanks!”

As a Seller,

this means that CORE Real Estate Advisors will discount 25% of our standard commission rates from selling your home.